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Musings on Mahadevi...

For a long time, I've seen Kali and Durga as a Yin/Yang kind of thing - Durga transcends from the heavens, while Kali manifests from within the earth. Durga is Sattvic, while Kali is Tamasic, and they meet in Rajas, through the flesh and blood of their devotees.

But I think lately that I've missed the point, somewhat. Kali and Durga are not just two halves of the same whole - they are each the whole themselves. Each is a face of Mahadevi, but each IS Mahadevi. As are the other manifestations of Maa.

I do a lot of work with the Asta Matrkas and the Dasa Mahavidyas, and this is what has come to me. Of course, my view is influenced by the Upanisads and the idea of the Absolute, that all things are one thing. In that sense, a fully Tantric sense, I, too, am Mahadevi, as is each one of you. Not just an aspect, but fully Her, in all Her glory.

Any observations? How do you see Durga and/or Kali, in terms of universal oneness, or in pantheonic terms?
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