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Kali in the Whedonverse

Hi, I'm new. I just joined a few days ago. I saw the posts about Kali images in comics and other "low brow" entertainment or pop culture and I wanted to share my own thoughts since they were inspired by seeing the image below that is one of our fellow poster's flickr images.

originally uploaded by Blue Maiya.
Now this is my kind of Kali painting!

Has anyone else noticed how much the god-king Illyria in Angel resembles Kali? You can really see it in this painting.

That in turn reminds me of Willow at the end of season 6 (I think) when she goes on her dance of destruction after Tara is murdered. Her binge of destruction is finally brought to an end by her not having the heart to hurt Xander (Siva) any further because he loves her so steadfastly. To me Willow/Allison Hannigan was definately playing the part of Kali.

What I also find interesting is that I can find many overt references to classical ideas of psychoanalysis and Christian mythology in Joss Whedon's productions, so I have to wonder if he and his team created these two characters because they know something of the Kali myths or if it sprung of its own volition from archetypes in the group's unconscious. Did Kali herself impose her will upon the creators?
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