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Sri Kamakhya Mahavidya Mandir articles

Jai Maa!

Blessings to all of you... Ambubachi is almost here, which is the festival of the menstruation of the Goddess at Kamakhya. We're having a celebration at our temple so if you are in the Northern California area and want to join us, please do!

It's been a while since anyone posted to this group... at any rate, I just wanted to let you all know (if you're interested) that the Sri Kamakhya Mahavidya Mandir (a small temple to Kamakhya and the Mahavidyas) is posting articles regularly about Devi and related items. Our mandir operates with blessing from the Sri Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati, Assam.

We glorify Sri Sri Kamakhya, who is closely identified with both Kali and Maha Tripurasundari, and also with Chandi (Durga) in much of the scriptures (Kalikapurana, Yoginitantra, Kulachudamani Tantra, Kamakhya Tantra, Devi Bhagavata, etc).

The LJ feed is here: kamakhyamandir

Or you can visit the website directly at Sri Kamakhya Mahavidya Mandir, and sign up for our newsletter, which has articles, mantras, event reminders, etc.

Thanks, and jai MAA!
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