Kitty (violent_solace) wrote in kali_durga,


HER: The Memoirs of a Daughter

All information in this set of memoirs is accurate and true to the best
of my recollection.  Really.  I'm not that imaginative.

Chapter 1  


I have always wanted to die.  I cannot remember a time when I
wanted to live.  No matter how wonderful life ever became, the
spectre of death was always somewhere in the back of my head, stalking
my consciousness with  the comfort of its nothingness.  The
body that envelopes me has continually given the feeling of
constriction. Instead of skin, it felt more like a poorly made sundress
which was several sizes too small.  My desire for death was so
intense that I would have suicidal ideations.  There were a
handful of occasions that I got very close to pulling the metaphorical
trigger, but no matter how much I hated this life, no matter how
despondent I ever became and  matter how much pain I lived with on
a daily basis, I always knew each morning upon arising that I had
chosen to be here.
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