Saru Bobo Kun (saruryujin) wrote in kali_durga,
Saru Bobo Kun

Sanatan Dharma

Kali is generally considered one of the consorts of Shiva. Her name seems to be a female version of the word 'kala' (Sanskrit for 'dark', 'time'- time in this form being a euphemism for death - or 'devourer of time' ); it also means 'Black Female,' in contrast to her consort, Shiva, who is white. The goddesses that she is associated or identified with include Durga, Bhowani Devi, Sati, Rudrani, Parvati, Chinnamasta, Chamunda, Kamakshi, Uma, Meenakshi, Himavati, Kumari. These names, if repeated, are believed to give special power to the worshipper.
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